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Novoryt-forte customisable stick-set, content:

1 stick gun incl. standard nozzle
1 pointed nozzle
2 aluminium cooling blocks rectangular & round
1 non-stick oil for the cooling block
1 trenching spade
1 Rali Monobloc planer
1 injection mold for Novoryt Forte stick
4 x 14 Sticks sorted or different colours

Injection mold for Novoryt Forte Stick

The injection mold serves as a colour changer for the sticks. Simply empty the melting pistol inside the injection mold to create approx. 5 cm long sticks which can be used again.

Demonstration videos can be found here.

battery melter (Art. No. 150.040)

With the new accumelter our melting putty can be melted very easily and fast (accutime about 1.5 hour).

P+S High Tech Scarf                                               (8.8 x 8.8 cm, package of 10 pcs., Art. No. 000.016)

The white side is for cleaning the surface with/without water or with cleaner, the melting putty can be matted and the rest of the surface can be cleaned.The green side is for the gentle cleaning of the surface, at once this side creats a certain gloss on the surface.




Start-up of Novoryt Germany Ltd


We are delighted to inform you that a subsidiary in Aschaffenburg/Germany has been representing us since July 2016. Deliveries to our German customers and dealers will be handled by Novoryt Deutschland Ltd from around September 2016. The firm’s two competent managing directors, Mr Michael Gellner and Mr Andreas Handl, both of whom have worked in our sector for many years, will provide our German customers with first class advice and care, as well as with deliveries of Novoryt products.

Markus Hirschi, Christa Hirschi, Andreas Handl, Michael Gellner (from left)



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